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Why GoldPower

Quality Assurance

GoldPower is governed by a robust set of policies and processes, which provide assurance to buyers of the quality and integrity of their renewable energy purchase.

All GoldPower projects must meet the stringent quality requirements of the Gold Standard, as well as GoldPower’s 3rd party verification, and additional criteria regarding technology, facility age, and timing of electricity production relative to buyer consumption. GoldPower projects also undergo further due diligence to ensure that they pose no reputational risks to buyers. Such risks could relate to project owners or investors, local legal, political or social issues, or the existence of conflicting claims to the renewable energy produced. GoldPower units are retired on the appropriate registries to avoid double-counting, i.e. sale of the same units of renewable energy production to multiple GoldPower buyers.

In terms of transparency and disclosure, all buyers receive full details of the GoldPower purchased, including the name and location of the electricity production facility, the technology, the production vintage. This information is provided in a GoldPower Certificate, and also publicly displayed on the GoldPower Register.

GoldPower may only be sold by Authorised Providers, who must adhere to the conditions of the GoldPower Product Standard and additional licence requirements.

Finally, a 3rd party audit is conducted on an annual basis, covering all GoldPower transactions by Authorised Providers. The audit confirms the accuracy of the sale and retirement information in the GoldPower Register, and ensures full compliance with the GoldPower Product Standard. This provides independent confirmation to buyers that our quality assurance claims are fully justified.

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