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Why GoldPower

Are you seeking a high quality renewable energy solution that works for your company, regardless of where you do business?

GoldPower is a renewable energy product that not only provides the highest quality renewable energy but has real, positive impacts on communities and the environment in developing countries.

It is essential that we transform the way the world creates electricity. The move to renewable, clean sources of electricity is urgent, but the change is going to take bravery and leadership. GoldPower was created to give your company a simple, flexible and globally relevant way of taking part in this transformation.

Global Problem, Global Solution

GoldPower provides you with one globally consistent standard no matter where your operations are located. GoldPower is the world’s first global renewable energy label that drives genuine change in the global energy mix, making a real contribution to increasing the amount of energy produced from renewable energy sources rather than polluting fossil fuel alternatives such as coal and oil.

The revenue generated is vital to help make these renewable energy projects viable. These projects not only generate clean energy, they also make real positive changes to people, communities and the environment in developing countries.

Why Renewable Energy Is Crucial For Developing Countries

Worldwide there are an estimated 2 billion people who live without access to reliable, modern forms of energy. A reliable electricity supply is crucial to foster the economic development that helps address issues including poverty, unemployment, lack of education and poor health.

Without a reliable energy supply communities are forced to rely on deforesting local areas for wood or collecting animal dung for cooking and heating purposes, as well as relying on human or animal labour in order to accomplish other everyday tasks.

As more and more people in developing countries start to demand electricity and energy requirements in the rest of the world continue to increase, we have a choice to make. We can continue to build new coal fired power plants, or we can invest in renewable energy projects.

Choosing GoldPower is the choice for renewable energy. Choosing GoldPower means that renewable energy projects in these developing areas can go ahead and your organisation will be helping to improve the conditions for local people and the environment in developing countries.

Confidence For Your Business

We understand that seeking a renewable energy solution for your business can be difficult. You need a solution that fulfils your requirements, is cost effective and is one that you can support with confidence.

If you have operations in many countries, finding one renewable energy provider that can cover all areas of your business has been impossible, until now.

GoldPower is a global renewable energy label that was developed with the support of WWF International and is facilitated using Gold Standard certified renewable energy projects. The Gold Standard is one of the most rigorous certification standards in the world.

Transparency is paramount. You will have access to a range of certification documents, retirement reports, audits and other material which shows where your money goes and what it is assisting to achieve.

GoldPower meets the WindMade and WWF Climate Savers standard for quality. All projects are truly additional, are less than six years old and create positive benefits for the communities in which they are built.

Recognition & Reputational Benefits

When you purchase GoldPower you will not only be supporting renewable energy projects and helping developing communities, you will be communicating to your customers, staff and supply chain that your organisation is making a real contribution to the planet.

The GoldPower team has the expertise to provide you with the Communications Support to help ensure market-wide recognition of your actions and maximise returns on your investment.

Quality Assurance and Reportability

GoldPower operates to extremely high standards of product quality, transparency and independent verification, giving buyers full confidence around their renewable energy purchase. Click here for more information on quality assurance.

GoldPower can be reported under a growing number of global reporting schemes and renewable energy purchasing initiatives. For more information on reportability, click here.


GoldPower is supported by a group of influential and passionate organisations who are working to accelerate the uptake of renewable energy and to avoid the worst effects of climate change.

Projects are certified as carbon additional under the Gold Standard - a standard supported by 80 environment organisations.

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