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What is GoldPower

GoldPower is the world’s first global renewable energy label.

It was developed by Climate Friendly, part of the South Pole Group, with the support of WWF, the world’s leading conservation organisation in response to demand for a truly global and truly effective renewable energy label. GoldPower is a guarantee that your renewable energy is truly transforming the way the world creates electricity – an impact very few renewable energy certificates can claim.

GoldPower is a renewable energy certificate for leading businesses who want to demonstrate their commitment to support the transition to a sustainable electricity future.

Electricity Use

A company's electricity use results in emissions, which is often unavoidable as energy providers rely on burning fossil fuels.


To contribute to a global renewable energy future a company purchases GoldPower, measured in MWh.

Global Renewable Energy

The small premium paid to purchase GoldPower is then invested in renewable energy projects around the world, ensuring your investment in renewable energy has a global impact.

Renewable Energy

GoldPower comes from renewable energy projects in countries with no Kyoto target. These projects can include wind farms, hydro-electric plants, solar farms and other sources of renewable energy.

GoldPower guarantees that your renewable energy purchase provides truly additional reductions in carbon emissions as well as delivering significant, verified social and environmental benefits to the local community. These benefits can include health clinics, employment and education of locals as well as new infrastructure like power and roads.

GoldPower Register

Click here to see the GoldPower Register which tracks and reports the renewable electricity generated on behalf of GoldPower customers.

The History of GoldPower

GoldPower was created in 2009 by Climate Friendly, part of the South Pole Group, with support from WWF, the world’s leading conservation organisation. Since then the group of passionate GoldPower supporters has grown to include organisations who have taken action to foster the growth of renewable energy. These include South Pole Group, WWF International, WWF’s Climate Savers program, Vestas Wind Systems - the world’s largest wind turbine manufacturer, and the Gold Standard - developer of the premier global standard for project certification.

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