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GoldPower projects are renewable energy projects in developing countries that also have measurable benefits for the local community and the environment.

The available selection of GoldPower projects provides you with a range of choices that best fit your business. You may wish to choose a project or a series of projects located in the area where you do business, or in areas of significance to your clients. Alternatively you choose a project because of the power of its story and what it communicates about your company.

The list of projects below is not exhaustive. If you want to learn about other projects available, e-mail or call us on one of the phone numbers listed below.

“WWF China welcomes GoldPower as a robust approach to procuring renewable electricity, which can leverage private sector funding to help China transition to 100% renewable electricity by 2050”.

LO Sze Ping , CEO at WWF China

  • Hezhou Mini Hydro Project

    Covered mostly in mountainous forest, Hezhou Zhongshan County is famous for its beautiful landscape. It is located near the Vietnamese border, in China’s southern province of Guangxi. Here we find the fifteen hydropower stations that make up the Hezhou Mini Hydro Project. Because of natural height differences in the hilly landscape, these small power plants can generate electricity without need for a retaining dam.

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    Location:Hezhou Zhongshan, China

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