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Ziyaret Turkish Wind Project

Located near Samandağ, in Turkey’s southern province of Hatay, the turbines were erected on the slopes of the Nur mountains, close to the ancient city of Antioch (Antakya), on a ridge of 200 - 500 m altitude.

This wind farm at the shore of the Mediterranean Sea is contributing to the further development of renewable energy generation in Turkey. Thirty wind turbines produce 75 MW of electricity annually. In addition to its positive impact on the global climate, the project generates jobs, is supporting rural communities and education programs, and is engaged in planting trees.

Beyond clean energy

Positive impacts of this project stem from the generation of jobs, supporting rural communities and education programs and the planting of over 5000 trees.

  • 100 jobs were created in the construction of the plant.
  • 24 locals have long term jobs and regular training for the operation of the wind farms.
  • Grants and scholarships have been given to Aknehir municipality and Aknehir elementary school.

Project Details


Location:Samandaq, Hatay region, Turkey


Co-Benefits:Employment and Education


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