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Taibus Banner GoldPower Project

A wind farm built sustainably on wasteland in a remote farming area

A wind farm built sustainably on wasteland in a remote farming area

Novo Nordisk, a long-time supporter of GoldPower, recently visited the Taibus Banner GoldPower project which you can read about on page 12 of their recent 'Triple Bottom Line Quarterly.'

The Taibus Banner Wind Project is located on the pastured lands of Touzhijian Town in Inner Mongolia, China. The wind farm consists of 33 turbines and has a total capacity of 49.5MW. In operation since July 2012, the project delivers 200GWh of electricity to the North China Power Grid per year.

Most of the power in northern China comes from coal-fired power stations. Generating clean and renewable energy from wind reduces the amount of electricity needed from heavily polluting sources such as coal to meet China’s growing demand for power.

Through local infrastructure development, the project encourages new investments in the region. It also provides direct and indirect employment opportunities, including twenty seven full-time permanent jobs. The employees receive salaries above the local average.

The residents consulted prior to the wind farm being built were excited about the possibilities for their community. They were interested in the jobs created on the wind farm that would benefit the local economy and they also appreciated the contribution that the wind farm would make to their environment.

The project operators have taken great care to minimise the impact on the environment. Safety procedures were implemented in the construction of the wind farm. Treated waste and waste water generated during construction was recycled and reused for dust control or concrete mix to build roads, and sanitary sewage was used as greening water to regenerate the vegetation or recycled for filling lower lands.

‘The vegetation was recovered to better than the original status.’

- Liu Guozhi from the local Yangpi Village

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Location:Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, P. R. of China

Co-Benefits:Education, Local Economy and Employment


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