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Prony & Kafeate Wind Farm

Though rich in wind resources New Caledonia is still heavily reliant on fossil fuel for power generation, however the Prony and Kafeate wind farms are using world first technology to help the Pacific Island Nation increase their percentage of clean, renewable energy generation.

  Summary of project benefits

Average per year:

  Emission reduced /year (TCO2e/y)


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The United Nations recognises that the Pacific Islands region faces increasing environmental and socioeconomic pressures exacerbated by climate change.

This project consists of six wind farms located in two different sites in New Caledonia and has led to significant improvement to the local air quality, including reductions in sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxide as well as other harmful particulates that are associated with the burning of fossil fuels.

As New Caledonia is located in a hurricane hot spot; the wind turbines used in the project are specifically designed for this type of climate, meaning that the whole wind farm can be tilted down within a few hours in the event of an extreme weather alert. This smart engineering approach makes the project a perfect match for the location and ensures that the nations green power supply can sustain an extreme climate event such as a hurricane

How this Project Helps Improve Lives

Besides replacing fossil fuelled energy with sustainable power, the wind project tackles several environmental and societal issues. To strengthen civil society and indigenous Kanak rights, the company supports local and regional initiatives addressing employment, youth and community activities. Furthermore existing roads and infrastructure from previous forestry and mining activities are utilised in order to avoid further impact on the local flora and fauna.

The project now serves as an example for similar projects throughout the South Pacific, and is seen as the symbol of an environmentally respectful development that has remained sensitive to local tribes.

Project Details


Location:Prony & Kafeate, New Caledonia


Co-Benefits:Education, Training, Social, Local-Economy and Employment


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