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Honiton GoldPower Project

Lying on Mongolia’s southern border is a region of China known as Inner Mongolia. Covered extensively by grassland and desert, the average altitude is about 1,200 metres above sea level. This amazing place is home to Zhao Dongxu, a 26 year old employee of the Honiton Energy company. The wind farm where he works provides 120,000 MWh of clean energy every year. That’s enough to power more than 190,000 households.

Mr. Zhao’s hometown is Damao Qi, Baotou City, not far from the Honiton wind farm. Living here he has become accustomed to the high winds. For some that might be an uncomfortable climate to live in. But for Mr. Zhao it is a positive, because it provides him with a job.

From fossil fuel to wind energy China has historically depended on fossil fuels for energy. However, recently there has been a move towards wind power.

This move has been good for the residents of Inner Mongolia. Their home has the largest usable wind power capacity in the whole of China. That means it is an ideal place to have wind farms. And where there are wind farms, there are jobs. There is another great benefit to the wind farms. Unlike fossil fuels, the wind can be exploited without damaging the environment. The prevalence of wind farms reduces the reliance on other more polluting forms of electricity.

Improving lives with renewable energy Honiton has impact beyond just environmental and employment benefits.

Through GoldPower, the Honiton Wind Project brings additional economic investment to the region. The local communities benefit from this economic stimulus. So not only does Mr. Zhao benefit, but also the society in which he lives. This money provides a strong case for the development of more clean energy projects in China. This is crucial, given the country’s growing energy needs.

On a smaller scale, Honiton also supports the local school. The wind farm owner employs a local mathematics teacher supporting a form of education that is vital to the area’s future. GoldPower outcomes As one of Climate Friendly’s GoldPower projects, Honiton improves the livelihood of the local people. The Honiton Wind Project has led to the creation of 25 permanent jobs, one of which is Mr. Zhao’s position. Honiton has also helped create a number of temporary positions. Each employee receives training, bringing new skills to the local community.

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Location:Baotou City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China

Co-Benefits:Education, Local Economy and Employment


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