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Hezhou Mini Hydro Project

Covered mostly in mountainous forest, Hezhou Zhongshan County is famous for its beautiful landscape. It is located near the Vietnamese border, in China’s southern province of Guangxi. Here we find the fifteen hydropower stations that make up the Hezhou Mini Hydro Project. Because of natural height differences in the hilly landscape, these small power plants can generate electricity without need for a retaining dam.

Replacing fire with water It is easy to see the benefits of these hydro stations: until recently, the population’s light and heat came from burning wood and diesel generators. The diesel generators are dirty and inefficient, while the use of firewood leads to deforestation and soil erosion. The hydropower stations have changed that. The use of locally produced renewable energy reduces emissions harmful to people and the planet. It also promotes sustainable development in the region.

The hydropower plants operate without dams, avoiding the social impacts of flooding and resettlement, and the environmental impacts on river fauna and flora. Instead they simply use the force of water flowing over a natural height difference to generate electrical energy. The fifteen plants have a combined capacity of 13.5 MW, and produce around 25,000 MWh of clean electricity per year.

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Location:Hezhou Zhongshan, China


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