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Günaydın GoldPower Project

“It contributes to local employment by creating jobs for the young” says Adil Gök in his native Turkish. He is referring to the local GoldPower wind farm, called Günaydın (Turkish for “good morning”).

Adil has a grizzled appearance and a thick moustache. He lives in a village called Yaylaköy, in Turkey’s northwest. Its coastal location is ideal for wind farms. The dry north winds known as ‘meltem’ in Turkish are prevalent. They are at their strongest in the afternoon. Usually they die down at night, but on occasions can last for days on end.

From fossil fuel to wind energy Adil has seen things change in his life time. In the past, Turkey relied heavily on energy from fossil fuels. However recent years have seen an increase in wind power.

Günaydın is a vital source of renewable energy not only for Yaylaköy, but the whole Balıkesir region. More than 3,000 households benefit from the project, which generates around 35,000 MWh of renewable electricity per year.

Job opportunities at the wind farm also serve to stimulate the local economy. Many villagers have cited the improved roads as a positive co-benefit of Günaydın’s activity. Another Yaylaköy resident Hikmet Koç said “The project has helped the village through restoration of our mosque [and] repairing and paving all the roads.”

Putting the gold into GoldPower GoldPower brings much needed investment to the region. The flow on effect of this money is twofold. Firstly there are the economic benefits, improving the lives of communities. Secondly, it builds a case for more clean energy projects in Turkey. This is especially relevant, given Turkey’s growing energy needs.

Regarding employment, the Günaydın Wind Farm has created nine permanent jobs and a number of temporary positions. Each employee has received relevant training, enhancing local skills. These advancements have helped stimulate the development of the renewable energy sector in the region.

“The project contributes to the village through repairing and paving all roads with cobblestone and creating job opportunities for young people in the village.’’

Project Details


Location:Yaylaköy village, Balıkesir Province, Turkey

Co-Benefits:Infrastructure, Employment and Local Economy


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