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Gansu Anxi GoldPower Project

The Gansu Anxi wind farm is located in a wide river valley in the Gobi Desert, in northern China. The project generates clean, renewable energy to meet China’s ever growing demand for electricity, while providing measurable economic, environmental and social benefits to the local community.

Located in the upper reaches of the Yellow River, in northwest China, Gansu is one of the cradles of Chinese culture, housing the Great Wall of China and the Silk Road. With a population of 23.7 million, Gansu is a melting pot of different cultures including ethnic minority groups of Kazakh, Mongolian, Tibetan, Hui, Dongxiang, Tu and Manchu backgrounds.

The project consists of 134 Chinese manufactured wind turbines. Its primary purpose is to generate clean, 100% renewable energy to meet the ever-increasing demand in the North West China Grid. This replaces electricity which would otherwise have been generated using coal. Renewable energy reduces greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution. The wind farm generates 224,000 MWh annually.

How This Project Improves Lives

Community and secondary environmental benefits are measured and verified regularly. Hundreds of temporary workers were employed during construction and installation. 80% were residents from Gansu. Their average salary was significantly higher than the average local farmer’s income.

This project has created 38 permanent, full-time jobs, 20 of which have been secured by local residents. The project owner has donated 500,000 RMB to a local ‘Hope School’ in Anxi County to support the education of local children.

The project contributes to a more reliable supply of electricity to the region. In turn, this makes the development of new facilities such as hospitals and schools more viable. The project also contributes to technological self-reliance in the wind power industry in China. Over 95% of the equipment, including wind turbines, towers, high voltage cable, and transformer substation, were manufactured domestically.

Project Details


Location:Anxi district, Gansu province, China


Co-Benefits:Education, Local Economy and Employment


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