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Balikesir GoldPower Project

The Balikesir Wind Farm sits between six villages in the Marmara region, in northwestern Turkey. The project delivers 350,000 MWh of clean electricity to the grid each year. It also stimulates the local economy by providing employment opportunities to the local villages. About 130,000 people benefit from the Balikesir project’s renewable energy.

The Balikesir project provides clean energy to the community and supports schools in the region.

From fossil fuel to wind energy

Turkey’s energy has historically come primarily from fossil fuels. However, more recently there has been a move towards wind power. Several regions of the country have been identified as ideal locations for wind farms. The project developers have committed from the very beginning to ensure both community and environmental benefits are developed, measured and maintained at their project sites for an ongoing sustainable outcome.

A breath of fresh air for local and regional communities.

Demand for renewable energy has boosted investment in the Balikesir region. This has a flow on effect, improving the lives of local communities. The positive impacts go beyond the local communities also. The Balikesir project’s success has strengthened the case for more clean energy projects in other parts of Turkey. This is crucial, given Turkey’s growing energy needs.

Beyond clean energy.

The Balikesir wind farm is responsible for several initiatives to further the social and environmental sustainability of the wider region. In terms of social impact, the Balikesir GoldPower Project has led to eleven permanent jobs. It has also helped create a number of temporary positions. These advancements have helped stimulate the development of the renewable energy sector in the region. The project developer has supported schools in the local villages: three village schools were refurbished and students in six nearby schools received equipment, such as schoolbags and stationery. The project developer has also funded the repair of administrative buildings in two villages. A water pump was provided to one of the nearby villages (Karakaya), so that local people have ready access to water.

Balikesir has also contributed to the construction of new access roads. These lead to the main road and nearby villages, reducing travel time for the local people. Sheep and wild horses living in the region encounter no restrictions, as they can roam freely and graze around the wind farms.

“The Balikesir project has been great for the region. It has created much-needed jobs. And most importantly, it’s benefitted local schools. By helping schools, it demonstrates the importance of renewable energy to the next generation.”

Project Details


Location:Karakaya and neighbouring villages, Balikesir Province, Turkey

Co-Benefits:Education, Local Economy and Employment


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