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Bachu Biomass Power Project

The Bachu biomass project replaces fossil fuel use by utilizing local surplus biomass from cotton growing to generate sustainable electricity for China’s western rural areas.

  Summary of project benefits

Average per year:

  Emission reduced /year (TCO2e/y)


  Clean electricity generated per year (MWh/y)


  People benefitting from clean electricity


  People employed by the project


  People benefiting from training (number of training sessions)


 Student sponsorships


  People earning additional money by selling waste to the biomass project


Cotton growing for the textile industry forms the region’s main economic pillar. Economic growth and industrialisation of the region led to rising demand for electricity. However, power generation in the region is almost exclusively coal-fired, resulting in high levels of local air pollution and global greenhouse gas emissions. In this context, the project has been implemented to fuel the province’s economy with clean energy and at the same time benefit farmers in the region.

Cotton stalks are collected by farmers and sold to the power plant, providing highly needed additional income for thousands of small scale farmers and their families. Previously, this valuable biomass was considered as waste and burned in the fields in an unregulated manner. Now, it is collected and transformed into carbon neutral energy for the wider region. Ash - the waste product of the power plant - is given back to the farmers free of charge to be used as fertilizer.

Thanks to the project, the regional electricity grid has been strengthened, avoiding power failures previously experienced during the planting season.

The project has a capacity of 12 MWh and consists of a state-of-the- art straw-fired boiler. The project also transfers an advanced biomass technology to a developing region.

Project Details


Location:Bachu County, Xinjiang Province, China


Co-Benefits:Education, Local Economy and Employment


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