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Alize Çamseki Wind Project

The Alize Camseki wind farm is in Canakkale, a province on the North West coast of Turkey, near the Aegean Sea. Its 11 wind turbines generate enough electricity to supply power to 25,000 households

  Summary of project benefits

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The project is known locally as the ‘Thyme Project’. This name refers to the wild thyme that grows in the area surrounding the wind farm, which local shepherds feed to their goats.

The wind turbines produce approximately 65,000 MWh of electricity each year. In doing so, the wind farm prevents 42,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere each year. In Turkey fossil fuels are the dominant source of energy but many parts of the country have great potential for generating energy from the wind.

The finance provided by carbon credits is crucial in driving investment in new wind farms in order to meet the needs of the growing economy and rising energy demand. The company that built this wind farm was the first to invest in wind energy in Turkey. Its continued success serves as encouragement for the expansion of the wind energy sector in Turkey.

How This Project Helps Improve Lives

The Alize Çamseki Wind Farm is in one of the least developed regions of Turkey. Residents have a low standard of living, earning only $2400 per year on average. Literacy levels are low and limited employment opportunities contribute to the higher than average unemployment rate. There is much that can be improved.

As this is a Gold Standard project, the community and secondary environmental benefits are measured and verified regularly. Alize Çamseki not only supplies renewable energy and improves energy security; it also provides socioeconomic and environmental benefits to the nearby villages.

The project owner has also voluntarily assisted local villagers in Üvecik Village to repair and renovate their homes. The project created several temporary jobs in the construction of the project, by sourcing services and equipment locally. It has created seven full time and six part time positions for the operation and maintenance of the wind power plant. It also helps improve the technical capacity of local companies in the wind energy sector, promoting technological self-reliance and a high quality labour force.

The project owner is raising awareness in the community about the value and opportunities that renewable energy and sustainable development offer. It has sponsored a painting competition in the local university and published a book promoting sustainable tourism.

Project Details


Location:Üvecik Village, Ezine District, Çanakkale Province, Turkey


Co-Benefits:Housing, Local Economy and Employment


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