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About the GoldPower Register

GoldPower is a single integrated product that tracks generation of renewable MWh from clean electricity projects in developing countries.

GoldPower encapsulates all the environmental benefits the project has created, including the renewable energy benefit, the carbon abatement benefit, and the sustainable development co-benefits in the local area such as infrastructure improvements, technology transfer, employment and training benefits, and clean air.

The GoldPower Register is a significant step forward in transparency for GoldPower, demonstrating reliable end-to-end tracking of renewable and additional electricity generation. Purchasers of GoldPower can view the Register and see the following details of their purchases:

  • The MWh of GoldPower purchased, and associated transaction details
  • The renewable electricity project they have supported
  • The Project MWh generated on their behalf. This quantity is confirmed by independent verification of the MWh supplied to the local grid by the nominated project.
  • The certified greenhouse gas emissions reduction resulting from the clean MWh produced.
  • The serial numbers and URL to view the associated credit retirement on the Gold Standard Registry.

The Gold Standard, on which GoldPower is based, is the premium global standard for the accreditation of quality renewable projects with strict additionality requirements. Retirement of credits is the essential process which ensures that there can be no double-counting i.e. sale of the same units of renewable energy production to multiple GoldPower buyers.

The GoldPower Register is updated on a quarterly basis. Retirement is either done on a dedicated basis for individual clients immediately after purchase, or on an aggregated basis for smaller transactions at the end of each calendar year. Transactions for which the retirement has not yet taken place display “Pending Payment” or “Committed for Retirement” in place of the serial number and retirement link.

For “Dedicated” retirements, the Register displays serial number and retirement details for individual purchasers. For “Aggregated” retirements, the entries share a common set of serial numbers and a common retirement link. The sum of the tonnes of abatement for a set of aggregated entries with common serial number and retirement details, will match the total number of Gold Standard credits in the corresponding retirement batch on the GoldStandard Registry.

GoldPower is operated to meet the requirements of our GoldPower Accounting and Reporting Policy. This involves robust internal accounting processes that ensure purchases are accurately recorded in the GoldPower Register and that sufficient Gold Standard carbon credits generating the required MWh of renewable electricity have been retired.

GoldPower undergoes regular third party audits to provide independent confirmation to our clients that we have adhered to all of our internal policies and external obligations and that our quality assurance claims are fully justified. Download our latest RSM International GoldPower Assurance Report here.

By focusing on additionality and supporting new renewable electricity projects instead of fossil fuel alternatives such as coal and oil, GoldPower is a credible way for organisations to make a real difference and change the way we generate electricity.

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