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GoldPower Register

ID Purchase Year Invoice Date Invoice Number GoldPower Beneficiary GoldPower MWh Official Project Name Vintage Project MWh Generated Project Emission Factor Tonnes of Abatement Retirement Date Serial No. and Retirement Link Retirement Type Accreditation Purpose
213 2015 16-Dec-2015 13583 Digital Realty Trust. Inc. on behalf of PayPal, Sungard Availability Services, Akamai Technologies, Brit Group Services Ltd, Broadcom, Dolphin Geophysical, Hewlett Packard, HP Enterprise Services, Liaison Technologies, New Age Solutions Corp, Perform Medi 10,000 Canakkale WPP 2015 10000 0.61 6100 19-Apr-16 GS1-1-TR-GS906-12-2015-4520-310 to 6409 Dedicated
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