Help my business buy renewable energy


The environmental performance of companies is of increasing importance to customers, clients, staff and shareholders. They realise that organisations that choose to mitigate their impact on the environment show foresight in an ever-changing marketplace. Companies that choose GoldPower are at the very forefront of this sustainability drive and show leadership amongst their peers.

Tetra Pak

Tetra Pak is working to minimize its environmental impact across the entire value chain, from sourcing to production, to the use and disposal of its products, working in partnership with customers and suppliers. Tetra Pak's goal is to cap its climate impact by 2020 at 2010 levels, despite anticipated business growth over that period. As part of this plan to reduce its carbon emissions, Tetra Pak has also been investing in renewable electricity and has been using GoldPower in its renewable energy mix. In recent years, Tetra Pak has used GoldPower in the USA, Italy, China, Taiwan, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and France.

“Tetra Pak has procured GoldPower several times due to its robust process and to its portfolio of new or recently built renewable energy installations providing broader sustainability benefits to local communities”. - Mario Abreu, Vice President Environment at Tetra Pak

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