Help my business buy renewable energy


The environmental performance of companies is of increasing importance to customers, clients, staff and shareholders. They realise that organisations that choose to mitigate their impact on the environment show foresight in an ever-changing marketplace. Companies that choose GoldPower are at the very forefront of this sustainability drive and show leadership amongst their peers.


SAP is a global software corporation. Its vision is to help the world run better and improve people’s lives. Innovation and sustainability are at the core of this philosophy.

The IT sector is responsible for 2% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. SAP’s directors have long recognised this as a challenge. In 2009, they set a target for SAP’s 2020 carbon footprint to match its footprint from 2000. Between 2011 and 2013, SAP significantly improved their energy efficiency. Over that period, they saw a reduction in their total energy consumption, an impressive trend for a growing company.

Looking to maintain their sustainability trend, SAP started exploring new options. Green energy emerged as a solution providing real commercial value. Amongst other things, it is a powerful differentiator in the competitive cloud services market. Unable to create sufficient sources of renewable energy to meet their own needs, SAP turned to GoldPower.

There were a number of factors which influenced the decision to go with GoldPower. One such factor was GoldPower’s availability in any location. This was important for SAP, given the global nature of their corporation. Another factor was GoldPower’s high quality. This high quality has gained GoldPower a number of high profile supporters, including WWF. GoldPower’s high quality is partly attributable to its proven additionality. This means that when SAP buys GoldPower, it leads to the generation of renewable energy that would not have been generated otherwise.

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