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The environmental performance of companies is of increasing importance to customers, clients, staff and shareholders. They realise that organisations that choose to mitigate their impact on the environment show foresight in an ever-changing marketplace. Companies that choose GoldPower are at the very forefront of this sustainability drive and show leadership amongst their peers.

Novo Nordisk

Novo Nordisk, a long-time supporter of GoldPower, recently visited the Taibus Banner GoldPower project which you can read about on page 12 of their recent 'Triple Bottom Line Quarterly.'

Novo Nordisk believes that a healthy economy, environment and society are fundamental to long-term business success.

The company manages its business in accordance with the Triple Bottom Line (TBL) business principle and pursues business solutions that maximise value to its stakeholders as well as shareholders.

“Novo Nordisk has chosen GoldPower as our provider of renewable energy certificates for the manufacturing plant in Tianjin, China. We know GoldPower as a reliable and credible renewable energy product with true added-value for our stakeholders. The wind farm in Inner Mongolia fulfills all environmental criteria, improves air quality and provides employment opportunities to the local society”.

Marcelo Zuculin Júnior, Corporate Vice President, Novo Nordisk (China) Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. (TEDA Plant)

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