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The environmental performance of companies is of increasing importance to customers, clients, staff and shareholders. They realise that organisations that choose to mitigate their impact on the environment show foresight in an ever-changing marketplace. Companies that choose GoldPower are at the very forefront of this sustainability drive and show leadership amongst their peers.

News Limited

News Limited’s One Degree initiative was launched in 2007, with the aim of reducing the company’s environmental impact and raising awareness about the changes that everyone can make. The website, , outlines News Limited’s objectives as a business and the climate change projects they are involved in both in Australia and globally. Just as importantly, it identifies ways in which individuals can reduce their own carbon footprint.

News Limited purchased GoldPower™ renewable energy from the Burgaz Wind Project, located in Gallipoli District in the North West of Turkey. This purchase represented 10% of News Limited’s total electricity use.

News Limited placed particular value on the fact that GoldPower meets stringent ‘additionality’ criteria, and thus contributes to making a real reduction in global carbon emissions.

News Limited’s support of the Burgaz Wind Project brings ongoing social and economic benefits to the local community. The project has attracted significant investment in the region, which has generated employment and led to the improvement of infrastructure and basic amenities.

"We believe strongly in investing in a global solution to a global problem." Tony Wilkins, Manager, Environment & Climate Change

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