Help my business buy renewable energy


The environmental performance of companies is of increasing importance to customers, clients, staff and shareholders. They realise that organisations that choose to mitigate their impact on the environment show foresight in an ever-changing marketplace. Companies that choose GoldPower are at the very forefront of this sustainability drive and show leadership amongst their peers.


Leading carpet manufacturer meets sustainability goals with renewable energy from GoldPower. The company was one of the first ones to publicly commit to sustainability, when it made a pledge in the mid-nineties to eliminate its impact on the environment by 2020. Known as Mission Zero®, the pledge influences every aspect of the business and inspires the company to continually push the boundaries in order to achieve its goal. Interface is now more than halfway to reaching Mission Zero and has been widely recognised for its achievements to date.

Interface is committed to improving energy efficiency and sourcing renewable energy globally whenever possible. The company chose GoldPower, the world's first global renewable energy label, to support them in their quest to better source renewable energy.

“We are a global corporation with a demanding set of requirements for our renewable energy sourcing and carbon offsets. We are happy with the way South Pole Group accompanies us on our mission to become a more sustainable company.” - Buddy Hay, Assistant Vice President, Sustainable Strategies, Interface Inc.

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